“Sharing is a wonderful thing, Especially to those you’ve shared with.”
Julie Hebert, When We Share

This is a dedicated space for members and friends to share ideas, inspiration, worship, humour, knowledge, comfort and kindness in these time’s of isolation.


Steve Dick Mothers Day Service (Originally planned for 22nd March)
Steve Dick Service 22 March 2020

During current difficulties – and while Horsham still lacks a minister of its own – the Rev Duncan Voice at Ditchling has invited us to participate in the service he is now preparing on a weekly basis and making available at Spiritual Oasis


Personal & Serendipity

“The World Without Us” Contributed by John Chapman

“Personal Stormy SeaContributed by Jopie Boeke

“Bird Song Opera” Contributed by Janet Perkins


Poetry & Contemplation

“Group meditation”  Invitation to Group Meditation Contributed by Carol Chambers

“I Fear Not The NightContributed by Pam Spencer

Unitarianism And Green SpiritAn article by Maria Curtis published in “Green Spirit”

LockdownPoem by Fr Richard Hendrick OFM (Irish Capuchin Franciscan Brother) Contributed by Catherine Andrews.

Click here for a Twitter link to listen to the author reciting it.

PANDEMIC Poem from Universalist Unitarian minister Lynn Ungar, contributed by the GA Team

“Unitarian Togetherness – Martin Whittel” Contemplation Contributed By Martin Whittel

Beauty Everywhere” Poem contributed by Barbara Meaghan

The Rainbow Children Contributed By Carol Chambers

The Flame Of Hope Contemplation Contributed By Carol Chambers



USA Coronavirus Wisecracks” Contributed by Janet Perkins

“Self Isolation” Contributed by Mark Hurston

“Can This Thing Be!!!” Contributed by Janet Perkins

QuizicalamitiesContributed by Patrick Wynne-Jones

“Covid Coping” Contributed by Patrick Wynne-Jones