Our Services In February

What can I expect ?

We hold weekly Sunday services, starting at 10.30am and lasting about an hour; everyone is then invited to enjoy a time of fellowship over tea and coffee. There is no dress code – please wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

We hold special services during the year that respect our Christian heritage – Easter, Harvest and Christmas (Candlelit Carol Service) that respect our Christian heritage. We also hold an Anniversary Service on the second Sunday in May to mark the founding of our Church.

Who leads the service and what style is it ?

The service can be led by a range of people including the Minister, visiting Ministers and speakers, and members of our own and other congregations; members also contribute to and take part in themed congregational services. This all helps us to offer an interesting and stimulating variety of worship style and content.

About the service

In common with Unitarians worldwide, we start by lighting a candle – our “chalice lighting”. The flaming chalice is a symbol of our free Unitarian faith. We continue with hymns, readings, stories, prayer, time for meditation and reflection, and an address. The readings are often from prose or poetry from contemporary spiritual writers, but can also be taken from Jewish and Christian scriptures and the sacred writings of other faiths.

We feel that music photographic and video imaging can be equally as effective as words in creating a sense of wonder, inspiration and discovery. Singing is an important element of our services and we are also very fortunate to be able to incorporate a variety of live instrumental music (organ, piano, violin) as well as recordings.