Our Services in June

What can you expect to find?

You will always find a warm welcome from a gentle, friendly and inclusive community. Whatever your faith, ethnic or cultural background; whatever your gender identity or sexual orientation; whatever your race or nationality – we will always respect who you are and the journey that has brought you to this place. We will not make any assumptions about what you do or do not believe, and there will be no pressure to say or do anything you don’t want to. We are a community that encourages questioning and spiritual curiosity; and we are people who are concerned with doing good in the world and who try to live with integrity.

What happens at our services?

Our main time to gather is on Sunday mornings. However, we also have special events and small group activities. On Sundays, we observe times of prayer and reflection; sing songs or hymns; have times of quietness; and we listen to music, readings, poetry – and each other!

We usually have an address from our minister or from a visiting minister or lay leader. This variety of service leaders brings a rich diversity to our Sundays. The subject matters can be wide ranging, from traditional faith topics to contemporary issues. There are no creeds or other statements of faith that must be recited. We share our joys and concerns.

We call this time together a Sunday Service and a time of worship. Our door is open and anyone can join us.