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Associated Groups & Organisations

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GreenSpirit is a network of people who celebrate the human spirit in the context of our place in the natural world and Earth’s own evolutionary journey. Its radical vision brings together the rigour of science, the creativity of artistic expression, the passion of social action and the wisdom of spiritual traditions of all ages. Attracting those of many faith traditions, they are a body of people who believe that human life has both an ecological and a spiritual dimension.

GreenSpirit local groups help to ground the GreenSpirit vision in local communities. Many people find that being part of a GreenSpirit group helps them to connect with the Earth and kindred spirits.

Our Church hosts meetings of the local GreenSpirit group.

Horsham Interfaith Forum

interfaithThe Forum’s main purpose is to build a community of trust and to promote understanding and co-operation between people of different faiths. Its members hold many different beliefs, do not promote any, but respect all.

Horsham District Dementia Alliance

In 2013 a Working Group was set up to create a Dementia Friendly Community in Henfield and Partridge Green. The success of this led to forming a Dementia Action Alliance to cover the whole of the Horsham District. The Alliance was registered in August 2015. The aim is to create a dementia friendly Horsham District in which people with dementia are empowered to have aspirations and feel confident, knowing they can contribute and participate in activities meaningful to them.

Our Church was the first in the District to sign up to the Alliance.

Horsham Refugee Support Team

Horsham Refugee Support is a group of volunteers that support refugees arriving in Horsham, in particular those being resettled in the area through the government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme.

We support the group with donations of money and purchased and donated items.